Saturday, February 4, 2012

The beginings....

  So after my last amazing experience, preaching in Italy, I knew I was going to do need greating work again... its just that this trip got me to seeing the posssiblities.... so many options out there - I didn't know where to go next! The field is the WORLD!! Finally , after a lot of praying, looking through the yearbooks, letter writing to branches,etc., and only because of Jehovah.... I told myself its time to come to a decision, put your foot down & do this thang! "Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams" is a saying I've come to embrace. Just gotta go for it! So I've come to a decision, that I'm going back! Yup to Italy, after all the preaching work is still going off the hook! And since I'll be that far around the world, I'll also be going to another place I never thought I'd be going. That's always been a "Dream" of mine. Let's just say, its time to walk in Christs footsteps :) Here it all starts....Can't believe I'm gonna do this again, woohoo  Adventure #2 the return! (January 10,2012)